Parking company Rook Media koopt zijn Amerikaanse Europese tegenhanger DomainSponsor op.

Zojuist kondigde Rook dat aan middels een bericht naar haar klanten:

Big things are happening in domain parking and we want to make sure you find out among the first: Today we announced that our company bought DomainSponsor.
The two largest US and European parking companies coming together to form a new type of monetization platform means new opportunities to you as a customer. Everything you like about Rook remains the same, and things will get even better we integrate the best of both companies to push up your earnings.
You log in to the same user interface, and your account representative is there as always to answer questions. Over time you can expect an up-kick in the choice of landers, even more sophisticated monetization of your traffic, and a lot of new alternative monetization options.

(Bron: Rook Media)